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Shanghai xxgmpharm Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, its pharmaceutical R & D division is set research and development, manufacturing and sales services as one of the pharmaceutical companies. R & D headquarters is located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park, it features an extensive chemical and pharmaceutical research and production base.
In the domestic market, the company with many pharmaceutical companies in drug development, technical cooperation, product supply, agency processing the formation of a long-term and stable cooperation.
In the international market, the company's products are exported to Europe, South America, India, South Korea and other Asian markets.
Currently, Xxgmpharm, who is trying hard, to promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine to contribute their efforts.
Industry and Trade Shanghai Xxgmpharm Pharmaceutical R & D department can provide the following services:
Research and development of chemical raw materials and intermediates, production and sales, trade;
Pharmaceutical chemical raw materials and synthetic custom impurity reference substance;
API API polymorphs of research and development;
Chemical raw materials and intermediate proxy processing and custom processing services;

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